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Posted: September 3rd, 2009

On Sat. morning @ 10:00AM we will be showing a special presentation of the film, Burma VJ in the lodge @ moe.down. The film is an award winning documentary in current release that tells the story of the Saffron Revolution in Burma, the monks who marched in peaceful protest against the military dictatorship, & the underground video journalists who got their story out & told to the world.

You can read some of my other posts here on Burma & the Buddhist monks. I have become friends with several of the monks who now live in my area. You will recognize U Gawsita from the film (he led the march w. the megaphone in hand).

On the Headcount website blog, you can read my personal acct. of how I came to know the monks, who they are, & why it's important to me.

Headcount Blog

Some of the monks, as well as several Burmese students, will be on hand to present the film. We will also have info on Burma @ the Headcount booth, as well as a great rep from the US Campaign for Burma.

Space is limited & will be first come basis. We will replay the film by itself, several times throughout the weekend, without the presentation or Q&A portion of the event.