Freezing my balloons off ... 'tiz the Season, at least

Posted: December 10th, 2013

Gonads. One doesn’t often associate the reproductive gland with a “road” blog, let alone one dealing with a moe.tour. I know I wouldn’t, unless they were my own I was thinking of. And I have been thinking of them often, how to protect them, since my arrival in Denver last Thursday night, when I stepped off the plane and into a blast of cold, frigid, arctic air that’s descended on the North American West. Me and my gonads have been in a constant struggle of survival since—to stay warm—four days now.

The thermometer has been south of no north, below zero Fahrenheit, i.e., most of the time, with only a few hours of single digit temps during daylight. At the Ogden Theater, where moe. played, the staff talked of nothing but how to stay warm. “13 below—it just doesn’t get this cold in Denver,” they said. “It’s the coldest theater in town.” Yes, it’s cold in the theater, I agreed, but it’s not the coldest theater moe.’s ever played in. The Palladium in Worcester holds that honor, at least off the top of my head. That was last December, on the NYE run. The bartenders could see their breaths it was so cold in there. But those were good shows, despite the cold. So were the shows this past weekend in Denver.

The Ogden was at near capacity each night, which was a good thing. Mainly, because it filled the theater with a lot of hot air (as any moe.ron knows, it’s the one thing you can depend on at any moe. show). Once your favorite band took center stage, the temp started rising. They lit the place up with enough fire to warm the cockles and arses of every moe.ron west of the Mississippi. Both shows were outstanding—a little Timmy Tucker, a little Wind It Up, an epic McBain, add Oh Hanukah and We’re a Couple of Misfits in the spirit of the season, and the tour’s off to a good start—a mini Christmassy-Happy Holiday-Season’s Greetings moe.ron!

…For now, go on, go figure, gonads ... and jingle all the way.

a mini Xmas-Happy Holiday-Season’s Greetings moe.ron