Fall Tour, Entry VII: Meanwhile, moe. plays on

Posted: October 5th, 2013

… I leave the Burlington waterfront behind. There is only so much of the urban idyllic one can take. Besides, moe. has a couple of big shows at Higher Ground and I need to get back and get on it. Marco Benevento, the brilliant Brooklyn-based keyboardist, is sitting in with moe. for both shows. He’s done it before. Marco previously joined moe. for their 2010 benefit show for World Hunger Year at The Roseland Ballroom in New York City. People in the know are looking forward to the Higher Ground shows. People who are not will soon be.

I get there in time to prepare for the world of concert going moe.rons. Even as moe. plays, human drama unfolds all around me. It’s very heady stuff and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

For instance, I’m told my shirt looks like a pajama top. A weaker man would have curled up with his blanky and cried, but somehow, I persevere.

Meanwhile, moe. plays on.

Another guy wants to know why I’m not selling stencils. I tell him, in actuality, it’s before the marketing department as we speak. Tomorrow it goes to committee. He nods his approval. We’re ahead of the curve.

Meanwhile, moe. plays on.

A woman buys a koozie from me and immediately complains about the quality. She tells me the quality of Umphrey McGee’s koozies are superior. I assure her that the situation will be corrected. I tell her I will personally take care of it. I make a note to promptly forward our koozie contact info to my Umphrey’s peeps to let them know where they can get the ‘bestest’ deal ever on koozies. 

Meanwhile, moe. plays on.

I'm reminded-slash-informed that Montpelier is the capital of Vermont, not Burlington, as I stated in my previous blog. I beg for forgiveness, pleading a momentary lapse of premature senility.

Meanwhile, moe. plays on.

I take a bite out of a brownie, and as I do I’m told that beavers secrete a goo from their butts called castoreum, which the FDA lists as a safe additive for perfumes and foods. As I eat my brownie—the last brownie I will ever enjoy in my life—I’m further informed that that goo is used in vanilla flavoring. True fact, my friend! Lift up the animal’s tail; stick your nose near its bum and breathe deeply through your nose—beavers smell really good.

Meanwhile, moe. plays on and on and on.

Then, before I know it, the band’s mini-run, its two-night stand at Higher Ground, hath endeth ... and so hath my Burlington adventure.