Fall Tour, Entry 1: moe.'s Back on Tour!

Posted: September 25th, 2013

Howdy mi amigo.moe.litos!

Good news! moe.’s back on tour. But you already know that. For some it’s been a while since they saw their favorite band perform. In fact, if it seems like months since you’ve last seen moe. play it’s because it has been months. Yes, there was moe.down, and the one show over Labor Day, but the band hasn’t been on the move since early July. And now it’s time to get on the road again.

The first leg of the tour begins with the first mile. For me, I’m driving out of the Woods of Maine on my way to Keene, New Hampster. It’s a good drive, far enough, lots of hours. I could bore you with detail, but suffice it to say, where I start: 1) it’s above the 45th parallel; and 2) it’s so far on the eastern frontier there are more moose than people here.

The miles begin to add up quickly, and soon I make it to I-95. Twenty minutes in, I find two tractor-trailers ahead of me, a pair of semi-trucks, big 18-wheelers types, jockeying for position, side-by-side. One’s going about 54, maybe 56 mph. The other’s going 56, maybe 54 mph. The trucks hold that speed for some time. The guy on the left was attempting to make a power move and blow past the tractor-trailer on the right. That was about 10 miles or more back, just as we started going up a hill. Now, they’ve settled into some kind of mad dash to an obscure photo finish. It’s like watching two grannies in electric wheelchairs racing each other—on the move but going nowhere.

Honestly, I’m not in that big of a hurry, though I’d like to get to Keene today. If it was just me, I really wouldn’t have a care. I’m listening to a couple of new CDs, Aoife O’Donovan and Floodwood, and grooving along.

But, unfortunately, it’s not just me.

I’ve got 3 cups of coffee in me that are in a big-time hurry to bust out of me. In such moments of tribulation, I find a ‘10 and 2’ death grip on the steering wheel can substitute for crossing one’s legs and squirming in agony. That, and a steady stream of invectives directed at the jackasses ahead of me.

I calm, and begin to think good thoughts—a little positive karma, baby. Like, hey, moe.’s going back on tour. I get to see all my amigo.moe.litos. I wonder what the tour shirts will look like? Hmmm? …Dammit! Good thing this steering wheel t’aint made of...

…Holy Mary, Mother of God! It’s a Festivus miracle! There’s a rest stop just a mile ahead, and those trucks are picking up speed. Maybe there’s something to this karma stuff. Maybe I’ll get to Keene today. Oh yeah! Good things are happening!