Entry the VIII, Winter Tour, Deuxième Partie

Posted: February 28th, 2013

It’s after 4 in the morning and I’m wide awake. I gotta leave for the airport in another 2 hours, but I can’t sleep. I have a million things on my mind and no one to talk to about it. I feel like my buddy Jack whose therapist suffers from narcolepsy. He tells me he’s been seeing her for years without much progress. I asked him why he continues to go, and he said it took him awhile to find someone he trusts unloading all his baggage on. To me it sounds more like handing your baggage to a one-armed bellhop with the crabs. I’d be checking out of my room before the luggage arrived. I kind of envy her now, though, Jack’s therapist. I could use some sleep. Maybe I should just call Jack? and hear him out?

Nah, I can’t do that to Jack.

I’ll sleep on the flight to Oregon. It’s gonna take a while from where I’m at. The compass is pointing west by northwest, and I’ll be jumping three time zones. moe. and crew will rendezvous there, in Portland. We begin the ten day crawl along the western seaboard, visiting familiar places and faces, and seeing all our left coast friends.

I have to admit, even though I’m yawning as I write this, this trip’s going to be special. I’d advise all you moe.rons venturing out for any of the upcoming shows to arrive early, because you’re in for a treat. Orgone (rhymes with “bone”), a down and dirty, R&B band out of LA, will be opening for moe. during Winter Tour, deuxième partie. That’s French for ’second part,’ Homer, in case you’re wondering. I don’t speak French, in case you’re wondering about that, too; or like, maybe, if your thinking I’m trying to impress you, I’m not (I can order a beer in Czech politely, though, in case you’re thinking we might ever be in Prague together, and thirsty).

Truth be told, I just like the sound of the French language—probably as much as you’re gonna like the sound of Orgone. I first heard them when they played at moe.down, 3 moe.downs back, and they rocked the proverbial house down.

And then, before your toes stop tapping and your hips stop swaying, it’ll be moe.time—two full sets of your favorite band. Yupper, this trip is gonna be fun …

Ah, well, so much to think about, so little time … so little sleep … to heck with sleep. I gotta go. It’s time to fly. No, really, it is.