Entry the VI: Winter Tour and All That Gas

Posted: February 16th, 2013

I’m in a hotel room in Knoxville. The walls are so thin, that for the last 30 seconds or so, I hear the guy in the next room over taking a whiz. I wonder if that means he can hear me fart? I can, because I had Mexican (food, i.e.) for dinner. So, I do. Loudly. There’s a sudden pause from next door, momentarily, then Austin Powers continues unabated. In the scheme of things, it’s not much. It’s not like I split the atom, but I now know that he knows I’m inside of his head. The other one, top side, that doesn’t do the thinking.

After the gig in Lafayette, we packed it up and went to Indianapolis for the band to do a Radio Show there the next afternoon. The radio station, WTTS, recorded and filmed the whole affair, in their Sun King Studio. moe. performed a short acoustic concert for about 40 or so lucky contestants. You can listen to the whole show here when you have chance: http://wttsfm.com/2013/02/moe-in-sun-king-studio-92/. It was all cozy and intimate, very laid back. Consummate professionals that they are, the band played a nice foot-stomping set, and were very well-received.

Late that night, we made our way to Knoxville, for a day off. I was all for it. After yammering about how exhausted I was, I slept for 12 hours, which I didn’t think I had in me. Bizarre really, to sleep that long into the early afternoon, then get up and go forage for breakfast. I was never a morning person, but I was never an afternoon one, either.

Now, I’m wide awake, and it’s 2:47 in the morning. I need to sleep. But I can’t. My mind is churning. We are gonna head to the venue at 10:30 am. We’ll pile our crap in the tour bus and drive a block to the venue—it’s a long block—the Bijou, over on Gay Street. Hmmm: Gay. That word’s evolution in motion. I can understand the street name, though. Gay is a traditional southern-type name, like Paige or Jimmie Dale. I remember Gay Pride, my sister’s best friend growing up. That was her name, Gay Pride. True story. Her family owned Pride’s Mill, on the Guilford Road, up in the Woods of Maine. Her mother was from the South, so it made sense to everybody up in Maine who named their kids, Mary or Jane (hahaha…maryjane) or Robert or John, etc., that she would name her daughter Gay. For me, throughout my life, whenever I’ve heard the words “Gay Pride,” there is no alternate construct, I always think of her. She was a really nice person.

Why am I thinking of that? WTF? I need to go to sleep. It’s now 3:24.

Why did I have a fajita with black beans and rice about six hours ago? That meal is boring through me one bean at a time. Oh, yeah! Life’s a gas.

… Ah, to doze off. Instead, I lay here in the dark. Every time I shut my eyes my mind churns and wanders. Hmmm, like—should I do laundry or buy underwear? Or maybe just wear the last pair till Sunday? … There’s no Starbucks near the venue in Raleigh, Thursday. That blows … I know the one in Charlotte is a mile away from the venue … If I go, I walk through a Confederate boneyard to get there. … Damn! Last time I spent a half-hour reading the headstones, and imagining the short, brutish, and blunted lives of the poor bastards. Does anyone stop and read them? ... That Asteroid—DA14—is set to pass earth on Friday. I wonder if it has a big brother—DA15—following it? … How can we rely on NASA to know if such a thing is coming? They can put a rover on Mars to split small rocks but they can’t see a rock half the size of a football field coming at us until it’s on top of us. … What if we went like the dinosaurs? … I read there’s a new theory on dinosaur extinction. Apparently, they asphyxiated themselves via methane poisoning, not by an asteroid slamming into the earth. There were so many of them, eating so much grass and meat, that they gassed themselves to death. … A greenhouse gas effect. Hahaha. It fits the current reality. Could that actually happen to someone?

… Ah to sleep … to unwind the mortal coil … Alas, the winds breach me underparts again, as loud as a turbine, and I wonder: if this is how the dinosaurs went, how content they must have truly been.