Entry III, The things people say...

Posted: December 14th, 2013

San Francisco, a night at the Independent, listening to moe., from the merch corner, under a lamp aglow:

This is my 42nd show.

Are you from Buffalo?

You know the floor is sticky.

Where’s the restroom?

Can you hold my coat for me?

Merry Christmas.

I’m getting a contact high.

Have you seen my brown glove?

Well, this is San Francisco!

Where’s the upstairs?

How late does this go to?

What was the name of that song?

You know, moe. should sell a cock ring that converts to a key chain.

What’s your favorite live album?

Where’s the coat check?

I’ll give you $2 for that lighter?

Wanna get high?

I’m from Rochester.

Can I see what that shirt looks like?

Today’s my birthday.

How much for the $5 CDs?

Do you sell ear plugs?

Are you John?

How are your gonads?

Are you married?

You wanna hit of this?

What color is that shirt?

What’s the curfew?

Let’s do a shot!

Want to Party?

Really, have you seen my brown glove?

You look like Terence McKenna, the writer. He went very deep into the multi-dimensional realm.

Thanks for coming, man. Tell moe. San Francisco loves them.