carry me back

Posted: June 10th, 2011

hey there.

great show last night @ wolftrap w. the levon helm band.  they are a top notch band & a nice group to know too.  hard to say what my favorite part of the night was - having jim weider & larry campbell sit in on "shoot 1st", watching vin play drums w. levon on "the weight", as we all sat in on the last tune, or simply getting to hang out with my cousin dave (yes, that cousin dave).


looking fwd. to tonight's show @ the national in richmond.  I just realized it's only a few blocks from sound of music - david lowery's studio where we recorded the 1st transams album.  also hoping we can go check out drive by truckers before our show.  DBT is playing before us, outside.  our show starts well after theirs & is less than a mile away, so hope to just walk over & catch their set.  their new album is one of my favorites.